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NowLight achieves ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review from Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews are a go-to place on the internet to get a low-down on gadgets and technology, and how they really work away from all the marketing spiel. We’re really proud to have NowLight earning a 4 star review from Trusted Review’s Home Technology Editor David Ludlow.

David set up the lamp and used it at his home, and the review has photos exploring his garden and fence in full covid-19 era photography. We hope David enjoys his NowLight out in the big wide world shortly.

Nowlight charging
NowLight being charged by pulling the cord by the reviewer
Source: Trusted Reviews

You can read the full review here, with his verdict being:

A powerful and bright portable light, the Nowlight lets you charge it via solar, USB or using the pull cord on the front. It’s bright enough to light up a tent, shed or even be used as a handy outside light. Expandable satellite lamps let you take light further, although they feel a touch cheap compared to the main light. Even so, this is a great light for camping or areas that don’t have power.

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NowLight to power Haller Farmers App with Mara Phones

We’re really pleased to announce that as a continuation of our partnership with the Haller Foundation, we will be supplying 12 NowLights funded by customer donations, in support of the re-launch of their Haller Farmers App.

Haller have also partnered with Mara Phones – the first high specification affordable smartphone manufactured in Africa – to support the rural smallholders they work with, who are part of a wider 5 million smallholders in Kenya.

We’re really excited to be building on our existing relationship with The Haller Foundation, where we supplied Gravity Lights in early 2019. Developing these relationships to get NowLights into the hands of people who need them the most is incredibly positive, and we’re really thankful to our customers who have donated towards this cause.

NowLight was chosen for its ability to provide instant light and power at the pull of a cord. Pulling on the NowLight’s cord for just a minute creates 15 minutes of talk-time on a mobile phone, or up to 2 hours of light. This can be incredibly important in an emergency, or even just after a busy day for a farmer in the field.

The 12 NowLights will be donated to Haller Foundation’s ambassadors, who are farmers that are promoting the Haller Farmers App to other farmers. We’ll be looking to continue this relationship with donations of further NowLights to aid the growth of the impactful work Haller Foundation are supporting in many rural Kenyan communities.

The NowLight kit includes a solar panel and SatLight, also shown here with a Mara phone

We’re really excited to see this partnership continue to grow, and are always really proud whenever a NowLight is in the hands of someone without access to reliable light and power otherwise.

You can read more about what the Haller Foundation have planned in their recent blog.

GravityLights being distributed by the Haller Foundation in early 2019.
Source: Haller Foundation

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NowLight available to buy in Germany

We’re excited to announce that everyone in Germany can now buy a NowLight from the excellent Krisenpakete, as well as our website. We’ve been working with Krisenpakete for a few years now selling the Gravity Light, so are naturally excited to see the NowLight joining them on the online shelf.

It’s been great to see the demand for the NowLight in Germany, and we’re pleased to have received the certification for the WEEE standards required in Germany. We all share the same planet, and we completely support the care and attention of the WEEE requirements in Germany as it makes sure that electronic waste is properly dealt with.

You can buy NowLights here and Gravity Lights here.

Source: Homepage of Krisenpakate